Meeting Review/Need to Know

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to send out a quick recap of our meeting last Sunday.

On Saturday March 25th (time TBA) we will be having our first leadership training. It will be a four hour event. We appreciate the feedback given on what you all think we should include in this Training. If you have any more suggestions let either myself, or Tim Morris know. Further details on this soon to come.

Some of you on the surveys said you do not know how to access the weekly House Church Report. It’s extremely simple and only takes a couple minutes. Just simply go to this page:

select the house church you are submitting for, and the appropriate week. After that, answer the questions listed and click submit. If you don’t have access to that link, you can go to under the house church tab, and click the “House Church Leadership Site” link at the bottom of the page. On that page, the report is under the Leaders tab. Please fill this report out as soon as possible after your weekly meetings.

Please keep in mind the Next Steps Restored is offering as this cycle continues. Try to point the members of your group to the next step you think will best suit where they are in their faith. If you need refresh your memory in what the next steps offered are, go to this link:

Keep up the amazing work everyone!

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