1The people who clean our church each week are doing a fantastic job, but there are more detailed things that need attention that our regular cleaning crew can’t get to each week. We were wondering, if we could get at least one volunteer from each house church to meet at the church on Saturday December 10 at 9:00am we could get a lot accomplished in an hour. We just need one hour of your time! It would be a huge help and you would get to take pride in knowing that you were involved in taking care of your church building. We need to wipe down all of the wood work and pews in the sanctuary. It is a huge task for one person, but when we all work together it will be fun and shouldn’t take more than an hour! We want to make the sanctuary beautiful for Christmas!

If you can volunteer your time

on Saturday December 10 at 9:00am please contact Denise Parry at 570-709-7997 or email her at

We will provide coffee and donuts and Christmas music!!!!

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