Drawing Conclusions

imagesSo on the 15th we will be meeting for our first meeting of 2017 for our House Church Team. I love these meetings and it looks like we will be spending some time in that meeting talking through some of the changes that are coming in the next few cycles.

I wanted to give you a little heads up to some of the specifics that we will be talking through as we move in that direction. Before Christmas, I wrote a list of some of the questions I have been thinking through. Here is a quick list of a few of the conclusions I am coming to. By Conclusions I mean the following, my answers to some of the questions but not yet to the point of implementation. So this is still a thought in process. However, I see value in sharing this with you as a team and your feedback is welcome, as always.

So here are a few of my conclusions:

  • our hosts seem to get wore out before our leaders – I think that this is because it is a different and possibly a higher demand
  • we have a bunch of hurdles that keep us growing the number of house churches/ To name a few: in some cases I think the name does, the burden for hosts creates issues with longevity,  and people in the house churches being on mission is lacking.
  • we are not easily making the connection between the gathering and community – I think the next steps process will help with that if House Church is clearly communicated as a guide and partner to it
  • the word that seems to consistently come up to describe house church is community
  • house church is poised to generate most of the push for the new next steps process Pastor Tim laid out at the Christmas party because it would be in the context of relationships. (circles not rows). How do we make that happen though?
  • our training has to better for new leaders, potential leaders and even some of our current leaders
  • we have some really capable women who could benefit from the platform of house church to invest and teach other women.
  • we should consider what house church would look like if it did not have to happen in a house. living rooms are great but what keeps us from having community anywhere?
  • the name “house church” seems to being very helpful and at the same time causes some obstacles as well

I will leave you with the biggest question I have as we continue this process. I have a strong desire to see people grow in maturity as well as more people show up (more AND better). I also believe that maturing happens through ministering to people.

So here is the question – If that is true than what is absolutely crucial for someone to know before we can cut them lose to lead other people? 

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