Building Commuity

communityCommunity is simply the living of life together. Face it, life is so much better when lived together! It is harder as well, for sure, but the better things often are a bit harder, aren’t they?

As you begin this cycle, remember that the level your group will engage in the community is going to mirror yours. If you don’t share or live life with them they will not do the same with them. As the leaders and hosts it is our job to step out first.

What does that look like? As Pastor Dan says all the time – “I am glad you asked.”

Here are a few simple things that can help in the first few weeks of the cycle. 

  • Invite your group to an event in your family: a birthday party, a BBQ, a kids sporting event, a family night out.
  • Allow them to help you when they offer: when your sick and they offer to help with food, when you need help with your car.
  • Share what your praying through or life changes coming up: a new job, health issues, struggles in your growth, nervous about your Next Step. You do not need to bear your entire soul but when you are vulnerable to some degree, they will follow suit.

Let me know how it goes. Enjoy living life together. Life is better that way.

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