accepted the inivitation

unknownThe intimidating task of inviting people to come to house church is hard to overcome. However, this is a necessity for followers of Jesus. We must overcome the fear and invite those around us to come and hear about Jesus. That is why this is such an awesome win for us to celebrate.

Maria accepted Andy’s invitation and joined us tonight.

Take a stack of 3×5 cards or post it notes this week to house church and ask everyone to write down a name of someone they will invite to house church this week. Then under their name have them write how they are connected to them (coworker, friend, family, neighbor, etc.).

Then you can ask them to do one of a few things with those notes:

  • take it home and place it somewhere they will see it throughout the week
  • switch them with someone else in the group so that they can pray for each other to have boldness and courage
  • place them somewhere in your hosts’ home so that you can review them next house church


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