Whether you are a Host, Leader, Coach or someone looking to begin the process this site is meant to help you with the different aspects of your role in community groups and aid you in serving one another as We Follow JESUS Together. If Restored Church is a network of smaller communities that comes together on Sunday for a Gathering then we must have the resources for our Community Group Leadership so that as they encounter various issues they are able to meet them or have a clear communication line for reinforcement. This site attempts to do all of that and so much more. 

Check out this article for a great understanding of how Groups connect to our Mission at Restored. Below are the important WINS that are identified because if these happen, WE ALL WIN!

When Everyone WINS

  • When anyone Connects with someone in their My Circle.
  • When anyone Brings a Friend.
  • When anyone Becomes a Follower of Jesus.
  • When anyone Gets Baptized.
  • When anyone Takes their Next Step.
  • When anyone attending Begins Participating.